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This Week's Ministry Message

Connections Ministry

Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God. —Romans 15:7

What is Connections Ministry?

It is Greeters and Ushers. An important first impression of our church’s expression of welcome into a community of faith. The first seven minutes as people enter our church are important—greeting new visitors with directions and answering questions and greeting current members with a welcome and thank you for being here. Not only on Sunday morning, but also we serve as hosts for all the outside groups using our church for recitals, funerals, and others who use our sanctuary. It is a Baker Memorial presence of sincere welcoming.

It is Hospitalitywhich will happen again soon when Baker Hall and the building improvements are completed. There will be a new coffee bar, and coffee time to look forward to. Would you be interested in joining us we discuss how that will look? Please go to the Church App or click here and sign up.

It is Connecting with people within our congregation activities and also connecting Baker Memorial United Methodist Church with our outside community.

Our Fall programming has started up. We are enjoying a time of re- connection with those who weren’t here over the summer. It’s a time to Re-Charge into study classes, teaching our young people, joining the Music Ministry and deciding where you want to serve this year. Please prayerfully ask God where He wants you!

We have already successfully had a fun time connecting across generations with Faith, Food & Fun—a monthly opportunity on first Wednesdays. Go to the lower level and look at the amazing, colorful artwork that was created at the September event! The next FFF event is October 4 at 5:30 pm.

Our community and jazz lovers were welcomed to our Jazz Service during the St. Charles Jazz Weekend. Wonderful to have the community visit our church.

The Listening Tour sessions have afforded an opportunity to connect our hopes/dreams for Baker Memorial with that of others.

I would encourage you to get on the Church App or the website and follow the activities and serving opportunities that abound there. Ministry leaders work hard in each of their areas and can use the full interest, enthusiasm and participation of everyone in the church.

Connections Ministry is one that needs your help. Please be in touch to offer to grow this Ministry.

As we see the completion of our new church improvements happen, we must also see that it affords huge opportunities for growing our church. Once again greeting, inviting others, serving God within and without our church in needed now! I do feel that new energy and volunteerism from us all will drive the outcome of our church goals!

I believe our sanctuary is buzzing with folks who love the Lord, who listen to His word and who want to find a way to live out God’s word. Let’s team up as God’s children and create an energy that will bounce off the newly painted walls of our church.

—Jayne Scales, email or 630-207-1407