Let’s Praise God with a New Carillon

Years ago, people could hear the Carillon at Baker Memorial UMC announcing the time for worship, celebrating weddings with a traditional bell peal, tolling the hours, playing hymns, and celebrating the joy of Christian holidays. Each time the Carillon played it was a reminder that God is with us, and that Christ’s Church is alive and well in the community.

Unfortunately, that music has been silenced. After many years of service, our Carillon can no longer be programmed to play automatically and can’t be counted on to play well manually. Parts are no longer available for repairs and there are literally no people available to service it.

The current Carillon’s musical life is over, so a fundraising effort is underway to allow us to ring the bells once more with a new Carillon. The proposed system would be fully electronic and capable of playing automatically as well as manually. It would allow us to call the community to worship, celebrate holidays and weddings, and toll the hours. Most of all it would be a constant reminder that God is with us at all times and in all circumstances.

A new Carillon will cost $30,000 and fundraising is already underway. There are many reasons to give:

  • gratitude for God’s guidance through the last 18 months of the pandemic,
  • as a witness to the presence of God in today’s world, or
  • in memory of a loved one.

The easiest way to give is to place your gift in a giving envelope and place it in the offering plate on Sunday morning. You can also send a donation to the church office. Please make sure all donations are clearly marked for the Carillon. If you are giving in honor of a loved one, please be sure to write their name clearly.

Let’s bring back the beautiful music of our Carillon and fill downtown St. Charles with a regular reminder of God’s presence and love.